"Lunalina: the brand for artists"

Today we show you a new generation ties’ brand!

We met Natascha Danielle Ingold for a day and she speaks about her creative brand: Lunalina.

Lunalina® is a brand registered since 2008, in Switzerland, the owner and designer is Natascha Danielle Ingold; She’s a real creative mind, and soon she  decided to invest her skills in the field of Art & Design.

In 1996 she visited the school of art in Bern for one semester video and motion picture and the only short story she ever wrote was published by Chalim (a fashion competition) in the same year. 

Afterwards in 1999 she starded to design and she sew her own clothes and with the drawing background; so she decided in 2008 to design a male collection called :”Fashion for men”, under her own brand LunalinaShe started without financel help, to build her own brand. 

In 2008 the company Shirt-House in Switzerland  bought her drawing motif, for their own customer look book.

Today Lunalina is a one-women-company. 
All ties are created and produced by 100% handcrafted in Switzerland. 
The edition is limited or just one-of-a-kind, and it was real unique! The fabric is mostly polyester or sometimes cotton. The design goes from timeless elegance till funky and freaky.

 The motif (screen print) on the t-shirt collection freaky-funky are all drawing by Natascha  without CAD program. This few t-shirt are the beginning from her printed collection with her own drawing motifs.


All collections / lookbook  http://www.lunalina.ch/

FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lunalina-Fashion-for-men/391144984282670 

PINTEREST http://pinterest.com/lunalinafashion/ 

TWITTER https://twitter.com/Lunalinafashionatascha



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